Tips You Can Use to Take Care of Alzheimer’s Patient

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that is caused by massive death of brain cells, it is irreversible and is more prevalent in the senior population, Alzheimer affects individuals ability to perform simple daily chores independently. There are several challenges Alzheimer’s people experience such as difficulties in maintaining memories this can make it hard for them to trace their way back home, have questionable judgments, and they cannot think clearly, the unfortunate thing is that Alzheimer is incurable and no known treatment available, however, there are available treatments that help in managing Alzheimer’s symptoms. Lack of treatment for Alzheimer’s make caregivers of Alzheimer’s people essential in determining the quality of life of Alzheimer’s individuals, but providing care to Alzheimer’s patients can be exhausting and stressful especially because Alzheimer’s conditions deteriorate with time bringing with it new challenges. The high demands placed on caregivers of Alzheimer’s patient has reported causing depression and anxiety to many caregivers, this is why important for caregivers to seek assistance and support when feel it is necessary to ensure their health remain on par. This article outlines a few tips you can use to take care of an Alzheimer’s person.

It is a good thing to first familiarize yourself with Alzheimer’s condition, Alzheimer is classified into three stages and each stage is distinct with symptoms and challenges experienced, therefore learning about each stage is important in preparing you in advance and you will not be surprised when the moment arises. The three stages of Alzheimer are mild, moderate, and severe Alzheimer, a mild Alzheimer’s person can perform professional tasks independently but the individual will display difficulties in concentration and remembering recent events, have challenges in writing and problem-solving, moderate Alzheimer’s people, on the other hand, have significant memory loss making it hard for them to perform tasks independently, they cannot remember family members, suffer from insomnia, and cannot dress, in the case of severe Alzheimer’s people, this group needs assistance in almost every aspect of life such as feeding, bathing, sitting, or walking, lack a sense of their surroundings and ability to hold a conversation.

It is imperative that you keep Alzheimer’s person active, you can do this by engaging them in some home chores such as cooking, cleaning, and simple physical activities such as dancing, yoga, or visiting family members or friends, make sure you engage them when their mood is at best because sometimes Alzheimer’s people are out of the mood because it can be confusing to develop a good program for Alzheimer’s individual seek the assistance of experienced and reputable caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients like Maple Heights Senior Living.

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